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Dog Naps

31 Jan

I am a sucker for a good animal pic. They never fail to force me into that dreaded “awwww!!” sound.

My pic of the day.

Courtesy of


Camera Lovers

31 Jan

If you are anything like me, you will lurrrve these! I want to buy/make these as soon as possible. Some crafty person has made these awesome old fashioned cameras into pillows!

You can buy them from

Hello world!

25 Jan

… and welcome to the Awkward Turtle Design Hub! As well as being up for hire when it comes to all things design – big or small.. I am also a keen photographer and love all things creative. Here, I plan to post things that inspire me, tutorials and the like.
I am constantly searching the web trying to come across anything to get my creative juices flowing. I beg you to head over to Supakitch’s website. Supakitch is a street graffiti artist among other things and is quite likely one of the most talented artists I have ever come across. His wife Koralie, also a street artist, has joined Supakitch and his creative team and made the most amazing videos on their website and youtube. He uses a mixture of mediums and has a genius mixture of photographers, music producers, painters and graffiti writers that work together to create masterpieces that is unlike anything seen before!
A must see!
Click on the link below to check, check, check it out…